Content Optimization with Wordmetrics

Wordmetrics is a sophisticated content creation and optimization platform designed for professional writers which leverages artificial intelligence and natural-language processing to tailor your web-content for better search performance.

(It's also really easy to use.)

It starts with a search

Wordmetrics isn't an AI content generator. It's an SEO content-optimization tool for professional writers.

When you enter a search phrase, Wordmetrics' AI analyzes competing webpages which currently rank for that search phrase.

Our AI analyzes the competition

Wordmetrics doesn't just analyze search results: Wordmetrics reads every competing web page to understand the entire "library" of competing content for important semantics.

Wordmetrics AI uncovers related semantic terms which are vital to your competition's performance. Use those terms to supercharge your own writing for optimum search-relevance — and a serious performance advantage.

Dead simple interface

Using Wordmetrics can't be easier: Wordmetrics highlights important terms in real-time and updates your score as you write.

The more semantic terms you include in your post, the higher your score in the upper right goes.

It's that simple.

Try to score at least a B+ to maximize topical completeness and contextual relevance to the search term you chose.

Your content overhaul starts here

Use Wordmetrics to optimize your entire content library.

Paste your existing evergreen posts into Wordmetrics for content optimization, or write new drafts directly in Wordmetrics.

Results should speak for themselves

All SEO results depend on multiple factors. Success with SEO tools depends partially on the decisions of the user. Individual writing ability, content quality and audience interest levels are significant determinants on bounce rate, dwell time and other SEO ranking signals.